Our Building Approval Process

Requirements for approval of a renovation will vary based upon a project’s complexity.

In the case of a co-op or condo, the requirements of the corporation, management company and board may be as simple as a review of the documentation that we’ve submitted (workscope, design, insurance documents, etc.) or it may require filing for permits with the Building Dept. This can best be determined by speaking with your management company and by requesting a copy of the building’s "Alteration Agreement." A project tends to require more processing when plumbing or electrical fixtures may be relocated or when walls are being removed. However every building is different. In single family homes, some projects also require filing. In any case we’ll take care of that process and help you to plan accordingly.

GA Building & Remodeling
GA Building & Remodeling

Architectural Needs and Permits

When a project calls for radical change and/or requires an architect, we will provide a qualified and licensed architect according to your particular style. The architect can offer a design consultation, feasibility assessment or full scale drawings and Building Dept. approval. We work with a select group of architects who’s focus is primarily residential renovation.

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